Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Freebies - BCA Floral Cross

Yes, we have some free digis for you today!!  On the 25th of each month, McMahon Five Designs releases a new free digi for Breast Cancer Awareness. Even though our Mission is Breast Cancer Awareness, the images can be used for many other cancers and diseases.  In fact,  March is National Multiple Myeloma Awareness month (burgundy ribbon) .  You can find a list of awarenesses for the month on the M5D Blog today.

Some of you may know that our own Design Team member, Barb is a stem cell transplant recipient due to Multiple Myeloma.  Here's what Barb had to share about this disease...

MM is a blood cancer that is in the Leukemia family, however there is no cure. It can be controlled for a time. MM is cancer of the bone marrow. It causes lesions in the bones and makes the bones very brittle with the possibility of crumbling from a fall. Many people who suffer from this cancer, (including myself) have had back, ribs, femur and head lesions which cause a lot of pain! One course of action to stave off the possibility of immediate death is to have a stem cell transplant. In order to do this, we must have all of our white blood cells removed and frozen until the day of transplant. To get ready for the transplant, We are given very high doses of chemo therapy for a couple of days prior. This chemo wreaks havoc on our bodies with side effects that NEVER go away! I am telling you all of this because I want more people to be aware of this horrible disease!

I did have the stem cell transplant, in fact, I had what they call tandem transplants which are done within 3 months of each other! There is not enough time to recuperate from the first when you are getting the second! The only reason that I had the tandem is because I was in a clinical trial and that was part of my arm of the trial. The others only had to have a single transplant! (Lucky them!) My original diagnosis was pretty far advanced. 80% of my body was infiltrated with these nasty cancer cells. I was originally given 7 months. They said that with a transplant, I might be able to get 7 years. I chose the 7 years! Anyway, I am in remission right now (praise God) and I plan on staying there for a while! Each day is a gift and I just have to wait and see what my future holds.
Thank you so much.

We're certainly very blessed to have Barb with us today & her story is a great reminder to us all that each day is God's gift to us (and what we do with it is our gift to God!)

Here is the ribbon freebie that Sue drew up for April...


My grandmother had Breast Cancer and so did a good family friend who was like a 2nd mom to my girls, so I chose to make this card using a pink ribbon.

The background paper I used is one of 3 that I created and I'm making them available to all you FREE!

Here's a Blinky for your sidebar to remind you about the Ribbon Freebies - 25th of each month at McMahon Five Designs :) 


D- said...

Kris~ Thank you so very much for the information.
We lost my Mom to breast cancer.
At work we lost a 3rd grader and teacher both in the same year from cancer. Another is in remission.
My Dad, grandmother, aunt, and cousin all fought the battle.
Cancer touches all of our lives in one form or another.
Barb~ You are in my thoughts and prayers.
I am placing the blinky on my sidebar.
Crafty hugs,

D- said...

Forgot to add...
Thank you for the beautiful paper.
Crafty hugs,

Kelly L said...

Thank you for the beautiful paper. I got the notice via email yesterday from McMahon Five and hurried over to get some of that sweet paper and that lovely image. I didn't realize it was your card I was ohhing and ahhhing over until now. :) Such a lovely job, Kris!! Hugs, Kelly

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Cancer is such a devastating disease and I know of no person who hasn't been touched by it in some way. I love that McMahon 5 brings awareness each month and reminds us all to be diligent. Your papers and card turned out lovely. Thanks so much for the beautiful papers too!