Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fundraiser for my Daughters

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all our U.S. friends!  And hope the rest of you are fairing well too *Ü* Some of you know that my daughters, Carly & Maddy are trying to raise traveling funds to get them from our home state of Oregon to Washington D.C. next month to compete in the National History Day competition (  They each won 1st place in their divisions at the state level at Concordia University last month.  It's a great honor and opportunity for them, but it is a non-funded program which means we have to raise the money for their plane tickets (not to mention all traveling and lodging for a parent to go with them cross-country).  Carly is in 9th grade and did a research paper on "Kennewick Man".  The theme this year for the contest is "Rights and Responsibilities".  And Maddy (8th grade) did an exhibit on Helen Keller.

Thanks to one of my team members, Jenn, who gave me the idea for this, we decided to do a li'l fundraiser for the girls using Carly's digis she created!  For just $10, you will get all 10 digi sets, designed by Carly PLUS you will get a 50% OFF coupon code, good for everything in our store!!  

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Ema M said...

Oh, Carly and Maddy, how I wish I'd been born rich instead of beautiful! I'd be all over this and would be buying a set for myself and all my friends. I'm currently unemployed; otherwise, I'd be supporting you all the way! Congratulations and good luck!