Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Cancer Survivor 'Hero'

Tomorrow we're joining my daughter's volleyball team in wearing PINK to the game to support Breast Cancer Awareness.  I'm sure we all know someone who's had or who has cancer of some kind.  I've lost 3 uncles and an aunt to various forms of cancer, and I've had 2 friends win their fight against it.  It doesn't mean one person was stronger than another... cancer simply doesn't care.  It's ruthless and horrible.   One of the lucky ones is my friend, Cindy.  She's a 15 year survivor of breast cancer and she truly is a hero.  She not only raised 3 teen & preteens during her battle, but she also was taking college classes to get her Masters while getting chemo treatments... and she even took care of my oldest daughter (only 18 months old at the time) while I had an emergency C-sec and had to spend a month in the NICU over an hour away from home.   Being a mom is hard.  It's a very selfless job - and looking back at all that Cindy went thru during those years, and the fact that she took time to care for my kid in addition to her own family during the most challenging time in her life is such an inspiration... it truly touches my heart and makes me admire her so much.  That's why I've created several cancer awareness sets this month - so we can reach out and encourage & support someone going thru this time in their life, such as Silvi's card below, or to let a survivor know you haven't forgotten the struggle they went thru and that to you, they are your Hero.

 I hope you'll join us in our digi challenge this month using the set "Let's Squash Cancer."  Even if you do not know someone personally, I bet you won't have to look far to give the card to someone else who does!  Remember, everyone who enters before the 15th will be in a drawing to win a digi set of your choice from my store :)  Just a li'l incentive to get your entries in early so you don't forget!

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Nice post! And beautiful card!