Our Thanksgiving Feast & Coupon

This year's meal was very special, not only because we had my folks over, but because my 14 yr. old daughter made the whole meal!   She wants to be a chef someday and she's well on her way.  I don't think I got off very easily though as I was the cleaner-upper and trying to hold my tongue and let her do her thing was incredibly difficult, lol.  Anywho, she planned the meal, shopped for groceries and made the entire meal, which consisted of  turkey, mashed potatoes (w/ her "special ingredient")  & gravy, sweet potato casserole w/ pecans, green bean casserole, delicious deep-fried scones with honey butter, pumpkin pie & apple pie.  Other than the pumpkin pie, it was her first time making all the other dishes and they turned out perfect!

We also had pumpkin bars w/ cream cheese icing that my 16 yr. old made because she doesn't like pie, I didn't have any, but they must have been good as she ate plenty for the both of us lol.  She also prepared the lovely table setting, even ironing out the table cloth, collecting (& baking the bugs out of) li'l Juniper cones for the candle centerpiece, and using the Cricut to cut out swirlies & squirrels, and acorn name plates.  It was very special - we had a blessed Thanksgiving.  Here are some photos...

I threw in my 2 cents by printing my Pilgrim digis and making wrappers for the Salt & Pepper shakers! ;)

The girls both collected some of the brown leaves outside and dipped them in paint or sprayed some gold and used red and orange finger nail polish to them - they looked awesome!

 In the photo below you see the dish of triangle shaped scones - they are like dinner rolls, but are deep fried and she made honey-butter for them.  Yum!  
 She stuffed the turkey with apple & lemon slices, onion & garlic and added more in pan around the turkey, and then cooked the turkey upside down for the first hour and then flipped it right-side up for the remainder and it turned out so juicy and delicious!  

Hope all our U.S. friends had a blessed holiday and wishing you all a wonderful weekend!!

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KT Fit Kitty said...

Well this all looks delicious! What a wonderful meal you had! And where did your daughter learn to cook like that? I'm assuming from you! Very impressive! Kudos to your daughter - well both girls actually! Thanks for sharing! We didn't have a big meal yesterday (I'm in Canada) so now you've made me hungry!

Imagine That Digistamp said...

Thank you Kitty *Ü* We have left overs if ya wanna come down to Oregon, heehee. You make me miss my 2 kitties so much, but we're blessed with family and other pets. xx

Karon said...

Looks as though you had a wonderful feast! Have a great weekend.