Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pumpkin Kitties ***Giveaway***

Woo hoo!  It is the weekend!  It is also time to showcase one of the sets from our Tail of Two Kitties new releases!

Today the spotlight is on Pumpkin Kitties but first up it is time for a little inspiration from Linda A...

This set is just so stinkin' cute.  Our boss, Kris, is one incredibly talented lady and it is an absolute honour to have paired up with her to present the sentiments for this set.

Linda has done a fabulous job as always with her card.  I love the stark contrast of the orange and white paired with just the right amount of black.  Add a cool layout and wonderful attention to detail and you walk away inspired, every single time.

Not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving.  In fact, it is unique to North America.  However, everyone has a fall season of some nature so this set is very versatile.  Even out of season, one could simply play on the 'hey pumpkin' pun!  That is one of the things I love most about Kris' sets--they all work for a variety of occasions making your dollar stretch farther!

Giveaway Time!!
Would you like to win this adorable set, Pumpkin Kitties, as shown below?  To be eligible, simply leave a comment with the following...

What are three things that you are most thankful for at this time in your life?

I've learned the importance of expressing gratitude on a daily basis and there are always certain things that top my list. First off--my husband and of course my parents. My family may be very small but they are very important. Secondly, all the amazing people that I have come to call friends over these past three years--it is incredible just how connected you can become to people you have never actually met in person! Finally, the fact that I am still able to get up and walk a little bit each day, even if it is with the assistance of my canes. While I may have to use a wheelchair for longer distances outside of my home, I'm still able to get by most days without it, inside my home. I will never again take for granted the ability to use my limbs--like everything in my life, they are a true gift from God.

You have until 6:00 p.m. (EDT) on Tuesday, Nov. 10th, to get your response submitted. 

We will announce the winners of this set on Thursday, Nov. 12th!

Hop on over to Linda's blog to see more of her fabby creations!  
Simply click the siggy banner below to find her!


Unknown said...

The 3 things that I am thankful fpr are
1. My wonderful family
2. waking up each morning
3. the enjoyment of life through difficulties

Unknown said...

My 3 things That I am thankful for are;
1.My daughter
2.Good health
3.Having all my limbs

Lori m said...

Gorgeous card,

I'm so very thankful….

1. All the blessings the good Lord had given my family and self.
2. That my granddaughter was born healthy and my daughter and family are doing great.
3. For the good Lord bringing an amazing man into my life, and that both of our families enjoy being together.

Hugs, Lori m

Tazmadazz said...

1. My Husband and the love we share.
2. My mother still being alive and in fair health.
3. Our military and the risk they put themselves in for our safety.

Catnip and Kitty Whiskers said...

The three things I am most thankful for is
1. That Jesus loves me
2. My husband, family and friends
3. My furbabies

Lorie said...

I love this set and it is perfect to make a card for my dad's wife!! I can't only chose three things I'm thankful for?

1. My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ without whom I'd be lost forever.
2. My family,of course. The older I get the more I appreciate what I have in them.
3. My husband (yep, gotta list him separately from the above mentioned family) as he loves me no matter and is so patient with me! He is truly my best friend.

KT Fit Kitty said...

You know I love this new set! So cute! Love the sentiments too. Crossing my fingers on this one! I am grateful for my hubby, my family, and my kitties. I have a lot more to be grateful for but these are my top 3. Thank you!

Donna said...

Linda's card is just adorable. And the stamp set is adorable too. Love the little kitties peeking out of the pumpkin. I am thankful for first and foremost my husband (who survived a heart attack in September. I'm so lucky to have him with me), children and family. They are very important to me. Secondly, my health. I so appreciate my health and try to take care of myself. And lastly I am thankful for this hobby and all those who I've met through this special hobby.

Gloria Shirr (purpleglo) said...

Adorable card Linda! I love this very special stamp set Kris! Thanks so much for a chance to win it. The 3 things I am grateful for right now are; 1. Going home for Thanksgiving to see family this year. Haven't been there for our big Thanksgiving celebration in at least 5-6 years. My family. 2. Health that is good, such as being able to walk, talk and eat 3. My wonderful husband who looks past my ailments and loves me anyway. And so much more! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Hugs, Gloria

Sarah said...

This set is very cute. What I am thankful for at this time:

1. Being alive because June 11, 2015 the doctors only gave me 24 hours
2. My Lord and Savior
3. My husband, children and grandchildren

Sarah W

Edwina said...

I love this Digi but especially Linda 'a card. It is so adorable. I read what Lisa wrote. I can say amen to it. I just hope I can get back to walking soon. I am very thankful for my family. I am extremely thankful for God and his help to cope right now. I am thankful for the artistic talents I have. Edwina Brown

Tiggerscraps said...

I am most thankful for my daughter, she's keeping me on this earth even though she makes me crazy, a nice comfortable house and I'm thankful that we have enough.

Charity Chamberlain said...

Precious card! I love this adorable image! The three things I am most thankful for are 1)My faith, because wthout it my world would be turned upside down 2)My son, daughter and husband. No words could ever explain how grateful I am for every single minute I get with them or the joy they bring me 3)My pets who give me companionship and laughter as well as unconditional love.

Kathy D. said...

Hmmm...I'm thankful for everything...because it's a gift from God. I would have to say my Freedom in Christ I gained several years ago after learning my identity in Christ. The chains are truly broken once you learn to take thoughts captive and realize you have a choice in your thoughts. Second thing I'm thankful for is my husband, friends and my fur babies. Third thing would be my health.