That really hoovers!

When I showed my daughter my card, who is in college in the education program, she laughed.  It just happens that one of her instructors is an old-personal friend.  We lived in the same apartment building MANY years ago when he was getting his PhD and I was getting my bachelors and he stood up in our wedding.  He will not allow his college students to say, "That sucks" instead they have to say, "That hoovers" and my daughter told me that when she saw my card.  Knowing him the way I did, back in the day, it just makes me laugh.  Now things are different when he is a Father and teaching.  He really is a wonderful person, it is just sad that he grew up; however, my -ex never did, hehe.  This card is from the wonderful set Leesa's cleaning day or Housework sucks.  The paper is also available as Arglye 'n Plaid which also matches the golf set.  See my blog for more details on the card.  

Hope you have fun cleaning your house and only get good news today!