Monday, February 15, 2016

New Sets for all your MOOving Needs ***GIVEAWAY***

Hello and happy Monday to all our readers out there in blogland!  Today we are here to showcase some brand new sets in the store.  We've got a total of five sets coming out today spread over two different posts, so be sure and check back later for more chances to win!

First off we are starting with two sets related to relocation.  Planning on a move in the near future or do you know someone else who might be changing housing locations?  Well if you do, then these two new sets are perfect for you.

Let your family and friends know that you have moved by sending them a note showcasing this wonderful image.

Helen from our Design Team and Pippa, one of our GDTs for this quarter, worked with this set to bring you these awesome samples...


If you need to alert the people in your life that you are planning to relocate and want to do so in a humourous way, then the On the MOOve set is the way to go.

Chrissy from our Design Team along with Sheena, the other of our GDTs for this quarter, had the time to prepare these fun samples...

The great thing about both these sets is that they can also be used to congratulate someone who is buying their very first home, or even relocating to a new one.  The On the MOOve set would also be perfect for a card intended for someone headed off to college or out on there own for the first time! 

Would you like to win the great set, House Sold or the On the MOOve set, as shown above?  To be eligible, simply leave a comment answering the following question...

Do you tend to move a lot in your own life,
or do you tend to stay put?
When I first got married, we moved three times in our first two years.  We were in a basement apartment for approximately nine months, then moved over 500 kilometres away into another basement apartment.  We spent a few months there and then moved into a co-op unit.  Less than a year later we moved into our very first house and have been in this particular location for almost 24 years.  We are planning on a change either later this year or next though to move back to southern Ontario.  We just need to figure out if we can afford it!  It will bring us closer to my parents and one sibling in particular that my hubby is very close to, so we're hoping we can manage.  It will mean an enormous amount of work ahead of us but it will also be a new phase of our lives that I am looking forward to.

You have until 3:00 p.m. (PST) on Thursday, Feb. 18th, to get your response submitted. 

We will announce the winner of these sets on Friday, Feb. 19th at 3:00 p.m.!  Don't forget you'll have just two weeks to claim your prize, if you are the lucky winner!  There will be no more redraws from this point forward.

Want to see more fabby work from the DT and GDT showcased today?
Simply click the names below the cards to find them!
See you in a bit for giveaway number two...


Tazmadazz said...

Great set for moo-ving! I hope to be doing just that this year!

Donna said...

We've stayed put in our house now for 28 years. So we haven't moved much but our kids have moved around the country so we get to visit when they move. I love the house and it's beautifully displayed by the DT. Thanks for the inspiration!

Sarah said...

We moved around a lot when we were first married but then bought our first home and lived there for 12 years before selling and buying where we are now. We have lived in this house also for twelve years and my husband has been wanting to move. I think it must be a twelve year thing. Thank goodness he has kept me over 30 instead of just twelve, lol. Sarah W

Lisa Lynn said...

These are so creative! Love all the designs.

Kathy D. said...

I stay put unless we need to move. It would be nice to get a place with a workshop for my hubby but I'm no hurry to go through the moving process. So if God shows it to us and tells us to go then we will be moooving!! If not we are happy were we are at.

Olga Fink said...

Well yes! I tend to move a lot! Story of my life! lol lol
For the first 4 years of my life my parents moved 2 times, we are Greek and at the time living in Athens.
Then when I was 4 we moved to Africa, where we stayed for 13 years and during that period we moved (and I am not kidding!) 9 times!!!
Then we moved back to Greece and from when I was 16 to when I became 39 I managed to move 7 more times!! lol seriously!! lol
and then with my husband we moved to Norway where he is from. And in a period of five years until today we have already moved 3 times!! lol
You can call me an expert in packing and moving!!
I am not kidding! I should maybe write a book one day on moving!
great giveaway by the way and some amazing DT inspiration!
xoxo Olga

Vicky (Fabulous Crafts) said...

Yes, my family and I move a lot... just in the last two years, we lived in three different countries :)

Ardilla said...

We move lots and lots... in the last year we lived in 4 different places...