Saturday, April 16, 2016

Challenge Reminder - Spring is in the Air

It's the 3rd Saturday of the month - which means it is time for some inspiration from our 
using this month's challenge theme:
"Spring is in the Air"
This challenge runs through May 6

Here is a refresher of what the theme is all about...
The earth is finally starting to rouse from its winter slumber to bring us the new birth of the spring season. The snow is now mostly all gone, here in North America. The grass is turning from shades of brown to green and the trees and flowers are starting to form buds. Spring is awakening on this side of the world--a happy occasion for most of us!

So, it is high time to break out all your images and other products depicting the beauty of the spring season. Whether you go with a creation featuring botanical elements in full bloom, or simply want to focus on a particular event associated with this time of the year, it is up to you. Just keep in mind that this month, we want to see a project that reflects the true nature of spring. Be sure to go and check out the STORE as Kris has many beautiful images available that would be perfect for a spring time creation.

We can't wait to see how the beauty of spring unfolds in your projects! 

*You may use any vendor's images or none at all, just as long as you show us a SPRING project!  We reserve the right to remove any entry that does not meet the concept of the challenge or rules.  If you are not familiar with our new Playground Rules, please read through them HERE.


We are excited to expand our Dynamite Delights team!!  
Welcome Audrey, Debs & Lori to our family of designers :)    
You can visit their blogs to read more details of their creations - simply click on their names below   

using Leesa's Tulip (free outline version in our FB Group!)

Your Turn!

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