Wednesday, January 31, 2018

February Fundraiser and Free Kit

Hey y'all!   I'm going live with this a day early because I'm excited to tell you about this Fundraiser I'm doing now thru the end of February!!  Next month is special for so many reasons.... it's my birth month, it's the month of LOVE, and it's also my store's 5th birthday!  I wanted to do something special that is close to my heart.  So, I'm going to donate all my net proceeds from my store during the month of February to my local Ronald McDonald House Charity!

You can read my personal RMHC story HERE.

So, to entice you all to help me reach my donation goal of $200.... I put together this ADORABLE "Valentine Kitty" kit that you will get FREE when you spend $10 or more in my store (in one order).  No coupon, no need to do anything else, I will email it to everyone who meets or beats that $10 order!!

For those who don't craft or don't care to receive this kit, but still want to donate to this worthy cause, you can donate ANY amount by clicking on this yellow 'Donate' button below.  *Please note that by using this donate button, you will be helping my local RMH charity, but will not receive any product in return.  THANK YOU!!!



KT Fit Kitty said...

Sooooooo super cute! That's a wonderful cause!

monique said...