Terms of Use


Terms of Use

If you download anything from this shop, you are bound by the following terms & conditions & other applicable law. The updated info on this page supersedes the TOU included with your file, so please be sure to read this page!

​All digi "stamps" under the entity Imagine That! Digis by Kris were hand-drawn by myself & are copyright ©Kristine (Kris) Breach, all rights reserved. Where indicated, some digital "stamps" and papers were created by myself using original artwork by ©Kristi W Designs (under license #KWKBCUCU18)copyright Kristi Westling, and are indicated as such in the description. All digital papers, Bella's Beauties and those included in the digi stamp sets are copyright ©Kristine Breach
Terms of Use
Please understand that purchasing (or receiving for free) any digital artwork from this site is NOT the purchase of the artwork itself to do with as you wish, but rather it is the purchase of a "personal-use" license which allows you to use the them for individually printed (not mass produced) handmade greeting cards and other paper craft projects for your personal use. I do include an Angel Policy with each set that allows the customer to create and sell physical projects on a small scale, one-of-a-kind basis such as a handmade card where you add layers and embellishments (not printed image only).

You may NOT...
  • You may NOT sell any kind of DIGITAL PRODUCTS using my artwork. (this includes any digital kits, svg's, cutting files, embroidery files, candy wrappers, scrapbook pages, blogwear, digital papers, etc.)
  • You may NOT sell printed items wherein you print the images (or any compilation of digital work including my images) to mass produce cards/other products wherein your physical handiwork is not a major part of the finished product.
  • You may NOT redistribute my digital images in any way by duplicating them, swapping them, reselling them, copying & sharing with others, emailing or sending on flash drives, etc.
  • You may NOT use my digis to create physical stamps or other items wherein the buyer could create a tool for reproduction of my images.
  • You may NOT display non-watermarked versions anywhere online.

There are an abundance of additional ideas for how you may NOT use my images that I have not listed here. When in doubt, please ASK! 

If you have any questions about uses for my digis that is not stated here or you have other questions, please contact me using the contact form at the bottom of this site.

Limitation of Liability
Imagine That digistamp shall not be liable for any consequential damages that result from the use of, or the inability to use, the materials on this site or the performance of the products. Variations in software programs and printers can appear differently than those displayed here. Both JPEG and PNG files are used for images. ***ALL PRODUCTS are sold as a zipped file download. Make sure your devices &/or software programs can unzip (extract) and manipulate the files. Once purchased there is no refund.